Double Your CTR
Are you tired of sending millions of emails to get just a few hundred clicks? Viral Tycoon multiplies your CTR several times up to an incredible 10% that gives you thousands of visitors from every single mailing!
Ultimate Conversion Rate
Viral Tycoon is fully focused on real conversion, providing you with unique tools that allow you to gain two, three and even ten times more sign-ups and sales than you can expect from any other safelist mailer.
Top Quality Audience
Stop wasting your hard earned credits on sending to emails that nobody reads. Take control of the audience to which you send your offers, based on their activity level, membership type, payment history and partner status.
Six-Tier Downline Rewards
Viral Tycoon Safelist is the only safelist mailer that allows you to build a huge six-tier downline, email to all your referrals six levels down for free, and receive lifetime credits, traffic and cash rewards for each member in your team.
Maximum Flexibility
Unlike most other safelists, we neither limit how many emails you can send each time nor require you to wait hours till next mailing. You can send your ads to as many members as you need and at any time convenient to you.

The Most Anticipated Pre-Launch of 2018

Anyone who uses safelist mailers knows that they deliver real leads, sign-ups and sales. Unfortunately their ROI is 3-5 times lower than the business expects from a serious advertising channel. As a result, 90% of marketers soon lose interest in safelists, which limits your audience on any of them by just a few thousand or even hundreds of active members.

That's why Viral Tycoon is fully focused on drastically increasing your real return while reducing the time and money spent.

Our innovative reward model shifts user attention from receiving credits for opening your emails to your advertised website itself and, thus, increases your conversion rate by 3-10 times. Our marketing approach allows us to attract thousands of people from the world beyond the current "safelist ghetto" radically expanding your audience. And our proprietary tools save your time to send emails and earn advertising credits. All together this makes Viral Tycoon Mailer so effective that it can become the main advertising channel for your business.

Be the first to take advantage of our next-generation safelist mailer and to get the most out of your email marketing. Register today to gain access to the great early bird benefits.

How it works

Viral Tycoon Mailer is a mailing list where all members can send email ads to each other. These emails cannot be reported as spam because every member has opted in and confirmed their email address.

With the credit based mailer you can email your ads to the entire membership every 5 days as a free member as long as you have credits left. This is a really good feature because it allows you to save your credits and use them whenever you want to.

You can earn mailing credits by reading emails that you receive from other members and visiting websites they promote. You can also get credits as a reward for referring new members to Viral Tycoon. Finally, you can buy credits at a very affordable price or simply order a single mailing.

Viral Tycoon Network

Viral Tycoon is a one-of-a-kind viral marketing platform that allows any small or home based business to succeed by offering a range of powerful tools and features.

Using our revolutionary technology you instantly reach a great number of prospective customers, subscribers or affiliates, and exponentially increase the flow of quality traffic to your websites!

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With Viral Tycoon you can build and benefit from an incredible six-tier downline! It would be smart if you start to promote the Viral Tycoon Safelist right now to have hundreds of members in your downline on the launch date.

Moreover, the new members that you refer to Viral Tycoon Safelist become your affiliates in the entire Viral Tycoon network. This allows you to multiply your benefits from the promotion of our safelist.